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History of EAC

From The Beginning...
Nearly 15 years ago Margaret lost her baby daughter due to sudden infant death syndrome. There is no way to describe the horror and pain of this tragic event, but now Margaret's mission is to prevent other families of having the same adoption disappointment. "Mitzy" as Margaret called her, welcomed Margaret and her husband into her office. They filled out paper work and went through the steps of the adoption process. They then went to New York, where they waited for the picture of their beautiful baby girl. After that, they were sent home and told to wait for further instruction. They later adopted a little baby girl from Russia, named Lindsay. This is what started the birth of European Adoption Consultants.

Margaret Cole is now the Executive director of European Adoption Consultants. Through the hard times for the Families and the staff, they continue to work hard to make dreams become reality.


From The Desk of Margaret Cole...
I remember interviewing the first EAC secretary who wasn't sure if she wanted to work for such a small company. We started off at my house in North Royal ton, on a perfectly good IBM electric typewriter in 1991. In 2005, we purchased twenty-five new matching computer monitors from office max. our staff has grown and we have a country staff in Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Ukraine, and Guatemala.

Not only has the staff grown, but so has the EAC family. Our annual EAC memorial picnic grew from 50 people in my backyard to 3000 people at the cleveland zoo. Its amazing to experience the happy feeling of creating families. It fills my heart to know that the waiting orphans will find homes with our wonderful EAC families.

My daughter Lindsay was only a dream to me in 1991. On a recent trip this year we were belted into our airplane seats in row 6, and settling in to study some math facts, when a lady interrupted me saying ''Aren't you Margaret Cole?'' I answered " Yes, and this is my baby Lindsay who is fourteen now". She introduced who beautiful daughters who are six and eight. The eight year old said proudly "I'm from Russia!" Lindsay's eagerly responded "I'm from Russia too!" I smiled as i remembered how difficult this family's adoption was and how there was once empty hearts that are now full.

Some times when i wake up in the morning and i realize the responsibility of the day i think "i do what!?!" Then i settle down as the load on my shoulders shifts. I think abut the wonderful staff who are so dedicated to helping each family through the process. They also thrive the cultural parties and the picnics. The EAC family has grown into a new 22,000 square foot building several miles from the old one. My daughters Trisha and Karen have joined the staff. Trisha head the Guatemala program an the Russian Humanitarian projects. Karen helps Grandma Cole with the Adoption news letter and many other books and phamlets. My son, Charlie, now assists in the mail and maintenance department. It is great to be surrounded by family and know the work EAC does will continue for years to come.

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